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We Discovered A Way To Have People Simply Hand Bitcoin To You!

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One of my friends was launching an NFT project and asked, since I’ve been in the online marketing industry for over 16 years, if I had any tips that could help him make a ton of sales.

I had no idea to be honest, but told him I’d look into it and what I found was amazing.

It turns out, there are a bunch of companies out there just like my friend who are actively searching for people to visit their sites and willing to pay for advertising space.

Not just for NFT launches, but for all kinds of crypto related services that pay you Bitcoin per ad display, per video view or even more per lead you send them.

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Every Friday and when your account reaches $25, funds are automatically transferred to the wallet you have on file.
Your private keys are stored ONLY on your device, in the localStorage of your browser. Please backup your keys, because your browser or device may crash.
You pay the standard TX (miners fees) for all transactions you conduct on the platform.
For ERC20 tokens, it is required that you have at least 0.001 ETH on your wallets. Remember! when sending ERC20 tokens, you are required to hold some ETH as miners fees for transactions.
This is also the case for all atomic swaps for ETH & ERC20 tokens.
NOTE: You can easily check the ‘miners fees’ required for each respective coin by simply googling them.
Current mining fees:
  • BTC: 13 sat/byte
  • ETH: 14.74 gwei
  • BNB: 5 gwei
  • MATIC: 31 gwei
  • ARBETH: 0.2 gwei
  • XDAI: 2 gwei

Service fee (only withdraw):
  • BTC: 1%, no less than 0.00001 BTC
  • ETH: 10%, no less than 0.01 ETH
  • BNB: 1%, no less than 0.0001 BNB
  • MATIC: 1%, no less than 0.001 MATIC
  • ARBETH: 0%
  • XDAI: 0%
Blockchain fees depend on several factors including network congestion and transaction size (affected when converting crypto from multiple inputs such as faucet earnings or other micro-transactions).
In other words, you may need to pay higher blockchain fees if:
1) The blockchain network is busy or loaded at the moment. Usually, the fee increases during sudden blockchain rate fluctuations and major world events;
2) Your crypto account has a history of microdeposits. If your account has large amounts of small deposits, the size of your transaction will be bigger as it will consist of many inputs. The bigger the transaction size, the higher the blockchain fee.
There might be other causes of higher blockchain fees, but we've listed the most common ones.